Is your work available for sale, and if so, where can I purchase it?

If the work is on my website with a price provided, then it is for sale. 

Some of my paintings are available through the Vancouver Art Gallery Rental and Sales programs, as is stated in the individual blurbs on the paintings.  Paintings are available to rent or purchase if you are a member of the Vancouver Art Gallery.  For more information, visit

Other works are available for purchase through my studio.  You may visit the studio for an in-person purchase or order from me directly and I will ship a work to you.  You may contact me by email at to set up an appointment. 

From time to time, some works will be on display in other locations and temporarily unavailable for purchase, and this information will be found in the "News" section of this website. 

May I take the painting home to see if it works in my space?

I routinely loan paintings to collectors to try in their homes or businesses for a period of two weeks.  I require a deposit percentage of the purchase price in order to do so. 

Do you do commissions?

Yes, I do commissions.  I like to meet with a client in their space so that we can discuss their particular style and needs.  Once size, material, and style have been agreed upon, we arrive at an estimated completion date, a deposit is paid, and work begins.

Do you accept credit cards?

I accept only cash, cheque, or money transfers at this time. 

Do you accept payments in installments?

Yes, arrangements can be made for payment by installment on an individual basis.