Small Floating Landscape

Oil on canvas
22 x 22 inches

This is a landscape purely from memory and imagination.  This type of landscape emerges from a process-oriented approach to making a painting.  I begin with the canvas on a horizontal plane and then dilute my oil paint with a lot of odourless mineral spirits (oms).  I then move the paint around quickly with a large brush, dropping small amounts of paint into the oms and watching it move around on its own.  I will often tilt the canvas to guide the paint and oms.  This technique is very similar to watercolour, except the way the oil and spirits react produces different results.  Once my wash is finished, I either let it dry or I proceed to make some more directed marks with a smaller brush.  At this point, I either walk away to come at it again another day or I mix my "special" mix of oil paint for a textured pour.  This is what creates the skin-like, wrinkled oil paint that I put in so many of my paintings.